Preventative Maintenance Technician

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“Cierra called ahead (giving me time to clear away the junk that gathers around the air handler), arrived on time, and ready to work. She was familiar with the operation and specifications of my Mitsubishi Split-System heat pump (purchased from and installed by Diversified). She completely exposed all control and mechanical equipment, checked all connections, measured load and pressure differential, cleaned everything, then put it all back together without having any parts left over. She reported what she found in a way I could understand. I have met many service techs in my time. She is, by far, the most professional I have had the fortune to meet.”

- Mike G.

“Cierra is wonderful; personable, knowledgeable, a quick wit. She excels at walking, talking and working in an easy rhythm. She always answers my questions and I usually have a lot of questions!
Cierra is just great. I hope she is with Diversified for many years to come.”

- Mellanie P.

“Our technician, Cierra, was very efficient, showed us before and after pics and explained what she was doing as she went. Our heater is warming us much faster now. Thank you so much Cierra. A big 5 stars to you.”

- Rene N.

“The technician arrived on time and was very professional in completing the service. She did a thorough job of cleaning all parts and filters, and completed an operational check once all parts were reinstalled to make sure the heat pump was operating properly. Very satisfied with the technician’s work.”

- Bob L.

“We receive great service with Diversified and their maintenance program for gas furnace and AC service. I always ask for Cierra because she is so friendly and professional and does a great job. I’ve also had one emergency issue that Diversified resolved promptly and that was so appreciated in these times. Highly recommend them!”

- Jadie A.

“Cierra came out to do our annual HVAC service. We always specifically request her when we schedule our service. She's wonderful ~ outgoing and friendly, very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about the entire HVAC system. She provides us with important feedback on the status of our system and suggestions to keep it running smoothly. We've been using Diversified Heating & Cooling for years as they consistently provide great service and have a great staff.””

- Mike M.

“Cierra has been doing the annual maintenance on our HVAC system since we purchased the house. We specifically ask for her when we schedule our service. She's wonderful ~ friendly and outgoing, professional, courteous, and incredibly knowledgeable about the entire HVAC system. We've been using Diversified Heating & Cooling for years as they consistently provide outstanding service and have a great staff.”

- Kim Y.

“Cierra was prompt and efficient and really seemed to enjoy her work. She was friendly and confident in her work. I appreciated she answered my questions and taught me a few things about the thermostat I needed to know. You have a terrific employee in Cierra!”

- Alletta B.

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