Redefining Comfort!

Complete HVAC systems installed starting at under $200 per month.

Redefining Comfort!

Complete HVAC systems installed starting at under $200 per month.


At Diversified Heating & Cooling, we believe in redefining comfort. We focus on the temperature in your home, the air you breathe, the humidity level. We focus on your health and safety. Your home is your castle—count us to make it a comfortable one.


As a family-owned business, we base every decision on our core values: trust and transparency, integrity and honor, loyalty and respect. Our employees live in the communities we serve. We care about our neighbors.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

Are you in need of a new heating and/or cooling system for your home?

Diversified Heating & Cooling can answer all of your questions and help you navigate the process. We can help you determine the best equipment for your specific needs. We offer top of the line Trane and Mitsubishi heating and cooling products that ensure the highest efficiency and the most comfort.

See What Our Customers Are Saying!

“Cliff was a life savor for us! We originally had Accu Air come out last week and see us, ended up leaving us with a 13K quote, Diversified came out (Cliff) and fixed the problem in 30 mins and was only a couple hundred dollars, he was pleasant, kind and very informative. I will be using Diversified for all future help! Amazing company! Thanks for being so honest and helping our family”

- Jordan A.

“Following new construction of an ADU, we wanted to check the quality of the install of the new splits and maintain the existing central air and heat in the house. When we called for an appointment, we were pleased that there was one available within a few days. On the initial phone call the billing and the process were thoroughly explained. Prior to the appointment there was a reminder
contact. On the day of the visit, Tristan called to say he was on his way. When he got here, we showed him where the work was to be done and he proceeded to complete the maintenance on all the equipment. He also took time to explain and demonstrate the proper use of the remote control. It was reassuring that the new install in the ADU was in proper working order.
We have already scheduled our next annual maintenance. It is so good to know a reliable and friendly maintenance service is available”

- Susan M.

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