Preventative Maintenance Technician

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Gas Furnace Maintenance in Redmond, OR 97756

“It's unfair giving only a five star rating as Kaylee deserves no less then 1o Platinum Stars . She arrive on time and came to the door ready to go to work and as I watched her I believe she could handle any job or situation she was assigned to. She is skilled, careful and checks her work along with being polite which is very important to us as we have mobility issues in our senior years. I have been in many jobs over the years and I have been both supervisor and a training officer and if I still held those position I would offer her a job and try and put her on my payroll. I will make this request now , I we need any type of service work in the future I positively want her to be the tech that comes to our home to do or fix anything she is qualified for. Kaylee has all the qualities that is need to become a leader and supervisor and she is a great rep for you company and thank you for sending her to us.”

- Richard F.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Bend, OR 97703

“What a joyful attitude Kaylee brought to work when she serviced our furnace and fireplaces. Efficient, organized, and attention to detail. Just a very positive experience overall and a great reflection on the company; really a great ambassador for Diversified.”

- hans J.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Redmond, OR 97756

“Just had a great tune up on my gas furnace, gas fireplace, and AC unit by Kaylee. She called ahead advising of her approximate arrival time. She got right to work and explained what she was doing/checking. She exhibited excellent knowledge of her craft. I like that her tools were all organized…..a place for everything and everything in its place. Kaylee is clean and tidy. She really spruced up my fireplace, even touching up the paint and put "fire glow" sprinkles on the "logs" I hope to have her come back next year!”

- Nancy C.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance in Bend, OR 97703

“Kaylee came on 8/31/23 to do the usual furnace/ac fall checkup. This year, we added the gas fireplace. Kaylee took everything apart on the fireplace, explained what she was doing, why she was doing it (to refresh the embers!) and how it would improve our overall satisfaction. She tested everything before she finished. Once she did the furnace and a/c, she came back in and explained what she did with those. She was professional, extremely neat and respectful of our space. We loved having her at our house doing our annual maintenance – and it was so nice to see a GAL for a change! So thanks you DH&C for sending a great tech to us.”

- Vickie & George M.

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