Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump Options

Standard Systems

  • Options for both single and multi zone
  • Standard efficiency
  • Standard output

Hyper Heat Systems

  • Options for both single and multi zone
  • May eliminate the need for auxiliary heat sources
  • Provides 100% output down to 5 degrees

Single Zone vs. Multi Zone Systems

Single Zone Systems

A single zone ductless system is comprised of one outdoor unit (Heat Pump) and one indoor unit (air-handler). This combination is widely used. From a single bedroom/bonus room to an entire house or condo. The one to one combination serves multiple applications.

  • Great for single rooms, condos, and small homes
  • One outdoor unit and one indoor units

Multi Zone Systems

A multi zone system allows you to use one outdoor unit (heat pump) and 2-8 indoor units (air handlers). This provides zonal comfort. Imagine precise temperature control of your master bedroom and living room, allowing you to turn the temperature down when you’re not using that space, which will save you money! This design is the ultimate in comfort and efficiency! 

  • Huge cost savings allows you to customize the temperatures zonally throughout your home
  • One outdoor unit and multiple indoor units
  • Great for multi rooms, homes, or condos